SINGAPORE 15 OCTOBER 2020 A Hybrid Event - Virtual and Physical Experience Blockchain Technology Digitizing

Capital Markets

About The Event

Understanding the impact of blockchain technologies on the future of securities - debt, equity, funds, structured products and derivatives.

Digitization along with the blockchain are now being adopted by the traditional financial services industry and will create opportunities for many and radically disrupt others. All the world’s major stock exchanges and banks along with new entrants and country regulators are positioning to take the lead. Participants in our summits have the chance to hear from some of the leaders in the space and participate in interactive sessions aimed at identifying the largest opportunities in this new ecosystem.

We will be focusing on opportunities in traditional securities, alternative assets and funds. Bringing together Fintech, Blockchain, Investment Banking and the wider ecosystem. How can we re engineer capital markets using blockchain?

This event will include keynote speakers tackling select in-depth case studies and panel discussions delving into niche topics. For institutional investors, this will be an opportune scenario for both first-hand insight from industry players as well as peer-to-peer conversations.

Accordingly, this event is part of a global series designed to bring together industry leaders to focus on the full realisation (and adoption) of the security token and blockchain technology ecosystem into the macroeconomy.

The target audience at the core of this conference are the curated attendees from traditional securities markets – investment bankers, institutional investors, asset managers, fund managers, broker-dealers and family offices. More specifically, catering to those aiming to learn about the latest developments in, and potential of, new technology facilitating smart securities (security tokens). Focusing on specific curiosities such as, how it will affect industry – including the prospects, opportunities, and realities of where the global community is at now in the Age of Digital Transformation, and the trajectory thereafter.


  • 100% focused on the impact of blockchain technologies on the future of securities
  • A pre-qualified audience of your institutional investor executive peers
  • Additional networking at the end of the summit
  • 4 KEY AREAS:

    • Digitising Capital Markets for Banks and Financial Institutions
    • Blockchain Technology and Trading Infrastructure
    • Innovation Investment and STOs – New Offerings and Fundraising
    • Digitisation of Currencies – Institutional Crypto and Systems Supporting Their Management

        Very limited physical attendance is available due to considerations of social distancing. Hence senior onsite audience only. The whole event will be run as a hybrid event merging the small physical presence utilising a stage/studio environment with the online virtual event platform. A large audience will join via virtual event access.

        The virtual event platform still provides access to all the live content as well as being able to visit the virtual exhibition, you can also network with attendees via live chat and 1to1 video calls.

Sample of Past Event Banks, Funds and Investors


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What Your Pass Choice Gets You?

Hybrid Ticket – VIP Passes
Full access to the 1 day event, full catering inc. the exclusive VIP/Speaker seated networking lunch.

Institutional Investor Passes
Subject to approval – Banks, Fund Managers, Assets Managers, Hedge Funds, Brokers can apply for the small number of free passes available to attend onsite.

Virtual Event Access
Watch the whole event remotely, especially useful for our overseas guests. Including access to post event VOD and presentations. Registration is free but capped. To ensure access early registration is recommended.

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